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Copy Editing / Proofreading

If you have a text in Spanish or a translation from English into Spanish that needs to be error-free, let me help you!

My background as a Spanish-speaking copy editor, proofreader, and translator will certainly prove useful: I have been trained to spot and to correct language interferences efficiently and to provide a well-written text.

I will examine your text thoroughly not only to detect typos, spelling mistakes, inconsistencies in terminology or errors in grammar and punctuation, but also to offer suggestions on how to polish your writing and transform your document into a smooth, natural and publishable material in Spanish.

Functional and Linguistic Sign-Off

I provide a Functional and Linguistic Sign-Off Service aimed at catching linguistic mistakes and functional errors (bugs) in Web sites and software (user interface, help files and related documentation) too. You will receive a final Quality Assurance Report with clear descriptions of the mistakes, comments, recommendations, and screenshots so that your software engineers and DTP specialists can implement the suggested changes and/or fix all the bugs and mistakes.

Mistakes can be embarrassing and costly. Protect your assets: before publishing content in Spanish, make sure to hire a qualified copy editor or proofreader to analyze it and correct it. A clear and accurate text will help you achieve the success you have been working for.

Request a free quote. You will get it by e-mail within 24 hours upon receipt of your completed form.