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Project Management

English>Spanish Translation Project Management, a comprehensive solution aimed at companies in all industries.

When you have a high-volume text to translate and a very busy schedule, you usually do not have time to spare on planning, recruiting language or DTP professionals, coordinating deliveries, and monitoring the whole process accordingly. I will work with you closely to streamline your translation management cycle and I will take care of all its stages to prevent errors at source and deliver a high quality final translation.

Once we expressly define all the specific project features (such as language pair, workload, difficulty of the text, technological resources, delivery dates, fees, terms of payment, contact information, etc.), I ensure:

  • to perform a terminology assessment and create the term lists and/or glossaries to be used;
  • to create and manage translation memories;
  • to pre-process the source files to be translated (if required);
  • to define the delivery schedule;
  • to select the most experienced and committed freelance translators, copy editors/proofreaders and DTP professionals, train them, send the files for translation/proofreading/DTP and any reference material to them, and supervise their work;
  • to copy edit/proofread the translated and reviewed files to uniform the overall style and register, apart from keeping a check on accuracy, word choice, syntax and general linguistic fidelity in the target language and making sure the term lists and/or glossaries or any other reference material or instruction have been observed, and
  • to deliver the final translation to the client in the required format and on the scheduled date.

Every project team is made up by accredited Spanish-speaking translators and copy editors/proofreaders having extensive experience in the language industry and a perfect academic record. Under all circumstances, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed with each of the professionals involved in the project in order to ensure your sensitive information is kept in strict confidentiality.

I consult with you at every stage of the process so as to guarantee your requirements are met. Team members are also in permanent contact; therefore, all doubts are solved without delay. Thus, thanks to high-speed communication technologies, the once-lonely routine of translators and copy editors/proofreaders has become a mutually enriching activity within a shared environment, which allows language professionals to tackle high-volume projects with flexibility and great coordination.

All the required and most popular computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools are used to help maintain consistency throughout the project, and to make sure that the highest level of productivity and effectiveness is achieved to deliver an on-time, top-quality service.

When a company hires my English>Spanish Translation Project Management Service, it gets not only value, but also peace of mind to optimize its own resources and improve its business.

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